Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stay Pretty through Summer with these Makeup Tips from Celeb Makeup Artist Josephine Fusco

With summer upon us…supposedly…it’s time to revisit our make-up application habits so we remain stunning and fresh-faced regardless of the temperature. After all, nothing is worse than feeling your make-up drip down your face during a heat wave.

Your Skin But BetterCelebrity and event make-up artist, Josephine Fusco has just the tips we need for when Mother Nature finally graces us all with warm weather:

In summer, it all boils down to this: what can women do to remain fresh-faced in spite of the heat and humidity?

  • Don’t pack on too much moisturizer! A light moisturizer like the Reparative Moisturizer from IS Clinical is great because the texture of it is just enough to balance out and help any dryness. It’s also a great base for makeup and helps restore the DNA in your skin.
  • Instead of full coverage foundation, consider a lighter one. A CC Cream is great and the only one I turn to is Your Skin But Better from IT Cosmetics. It's packed with so many beneficial ingredients and an SPF50+. Those with oily skin can skip moisturizer and use this in its place (learn more about the IT Cosmetics CC Cream by reading this great post on Josephine’s blog).
  • A compact foundation powder is also a great option; the one I always use is Celebration Foundation by IT Cosmetics.  In 30 seconds you can have an airbrushed finish on your skin that helps keep oils at bay and lasts the entire day – it doesn't crease into the skin or look oily!
  • Be sure to use a serum at night that will regenerate all of your skin cells such as IS Clinical Polyvitamin Serum. It will leave your skin refreshed for the morning. This serum is also great for antiaging and what better time to get this onto your skin than the summer? The rays are at an all time high – aging your skin faster than anything else. This serum will help revitalize skin while eliminating oils and get rid of any photodamage. It’s also packed with Vitamins A, B5 and B3, just to name a few!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Do-It-All Skincare Line Osmosis Receives Patent for Prevention of Cancer

Catalyst Plus SerumCatalyst AC-11Catalyst Serum

We douse ourselves in serums, moisturizers and masks on a daily basis, but now we have access to skincare that doesn’t just treat but  prevent. And by “prevent,” I’m referring to cancer, a disease that spares no one.

Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare was the recent recipient of an official patent for three of their Catalyst products, the first-ever DNA repair serums, now patented as “systems and methods for preventing cancer and treating skin lesions.”

Offering an acceleration in skin rejuvenation and repair due to their recovery of damaged DNA. The serums will also build collagen and elastin in the skin all while improving scarring, skin tags, actinic keratosis (some of which may develop into skin cancer) and other skin disturbances relating to DNA damage. Also using Zinc Finger Technology™ (ZFT) to repair DNA damage, ZFT assists in the production of proteins and antioxidants within each cell. The combination of amino acids and key co-factors improve wound healing, lighten pigmentation, reduce visible capillaries, and stimulate collagen and elastin production through a revolutionary process.

Catalyst Key Benefits & Features:

  • Rebuilds Collagen - Catalyst provides the building blocks needed for perfect collagen formation which then replaces the damaged strands to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Sun Protection - Never before has DNA repair been so effective that it actually prevents UV damage to the skin better than any sunscreen. Catalyst can provide the equivalent to an SPF 14.
  • Pigment Control - By repairing the DNA responsible for hyperpigmented cells, Catalyst restores normal skin tone.
  • Heals Capillaries - Some “broken” capillaries can be “fixed” through zinc finger restoration of the damaged triggers involved.
  • Prevents Scarring - The ability to regulate collagen and improve repair can re-activate scar remodeling.
  • Heals the Skin - You will find a wide variety of imperfections on your skin disappear with repeated applications of Catalyst including skin tags.

Prices range from $90-$100. Purchase online or visit their website to locate an authorized skincare professional near you.


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Friday, April 18, 2014

Two More Options to Celebrate National Amaretto Day!

National Amaretto Day is taking place tomorrow so now is the time to get your mix on! Celebrate the day and impress friends with these gems from Disaronno:

Disaronno Italian KissesDisaronno Italian Kisses
1 Part Disaronno
½ Part Pomegranate Juice
Top Prosecco

Pour Disaronno and pomegranate juice into each flute then top with prosecco. Garnish with an orange peel.

Disaronno ClassicoDisaronno Classico
1 Part Disaronno
1 C of Espresso Coffee
1 Spoon of Sugar
Top with Whisked Cream

Stir sugar into hot coffee until thoroughly dissolved, add Disaronno. Top with whisked cream.



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April Beauty Box 5 Review: Shades of Beauty

I am almost feeling a little bit bad that I never have anything negative to say about Beauty Box 5. Friends ask me ALL the time if it really is as good as I’m saying. Undoubtedly, the answer is yes! And the April box, aptly entitled “Shades of Beauty,” didn’t let me down…again! My pretty blue box was full of products to keep us sparkling this spring and summer:

  • BH Cosmetics California Collection Eyeshadow Palette (3 full-size sample shades from their 3 California Collection palettes, $6 or $18.95 for the full palettes): I’m swooning over the Malibu gold and the San Francisco brown tones. I’m not sure about the purple…yet. It’s dark enough I’ll try it as liner first and then possibly graduate to shading part of my eye.
  • Nicka K New York Hydro Lipstick in Daring (Full Size, $4.99 retail): Women are constantly searching for the perfect red and I’m adoring this. This will add a 50’s pop of color to your lips during the day or night. Goes on super smooth and the paraben-free formula is hydrating, yet it stays put. This line is a must-have!
  • Blum Naturals All Purpose Cleansing Wipes, (Full Size, $2.49 for 30 Wipes): Made with Certified Natural and Organic Ingredients such as aloe vera and peppermint oil, these mini-wipes are perfect for removing eye-makeup, correcting minor mistakes, or to conveniently carry during a trip to the gym.
  • Jergens Naturals Glow – 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer, (Sample, $2): I’m already a huge fan of this particular product because it leaves me naturally sunkissed. This is a generous sample considering I’ll only use it on my legs as whenever I try it on my arms, the mistakes are blatantly obvious! For me, this will last at least a week.
  • Bonne Bell Lip Definer in Warm Brick, (Full Size, $3.95): I have a tendency to use my lip liners to help shade my lips…and…I’ve gone crazy with this. I thought it was going to be a shade or two darker than a bubblegum pink, but it’s actually a natural pinkish-red tone perfect to line (or fill).

The April Beauty Box 5 will keep you pretty all season long!

Look at all these goodies! 5 great reasons to love Beauty Box 5!

These shades from BH Cosmetics California Collection give users a taste of bold or basic.

Wowza! This lipstick from Nicka K New York is pure perfection!

April Beauty Box 5 Value: $19.43

Depending on the length of your Beauty Box 5 subscription, you will pay either $12, $10 or $8.25 for a savings of between $7.43 and $11.18!

If you love beauty and subscription services, do yourself a favor and sign-up for Beauty Box 5!


**I’m so fortunate to be a Beauty Contributor for Beauty Box 5 and as such, did receive a complimentary April Beauty Box 5 to review. That said, I proudly stand behind my thoughts and opinions.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Disaronno Cocktail Ideas

Eek! How is it Thursday already?!? And today isn’t just April 17th; it also happens to be two days before National Amaretto Day, taking place Saturday, April 19th! And since any day is a good day to celebrate Amaretto, here are a few cocktail ideas featuring the one-and-only Disaronno to help prepare you for the weekend:

Disarita FreshDisarita Fresh
¾ part Disaronno
1¼ parts Tequila Blanco
1¼ parts Guava Juice
½ part Lime Juice

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lime slice.

Disaronno Cranberry ChillerDisaronno Cranberry Chiller
¾ part Disaronno
¼ part Vodka
¾ part Cointreau
3 parts Cranberry Juice

Shake all ingredients and strain into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lime slice.

Disaronno Jazzy HourDisaronno Jazzy Hour
½ part Disaronno
1 part Vodka
½ part Tangerine Liqueur
1 part Pineapple Juice
Splash Lemon Juice

Shake with ice and strain into a martini cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange slice.

Stay tuned…two more great recipes will be delivered tomorrow!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

National Amaretto Day is April 19th–Celebrate with Disaronno

With the weather we’ve had to endure this winter (seriously…we’ve literally gone from summer temps to winter snow in a 24 hour period), and tax day quickly approaching…as in, tomorrow…there is most certainly no better time to celebrate National Amaretto Day, than this upcoming Saturday, April 19th. Disaronno, the “world’s favorite Italian liqueur,” has been tantalizing the taste buds of fans dating way back to 1525 and they certainly wouldn’t let National Amaretto Day go unrecognized. Be sure to check back today through Saturday for tasty Disaronno Signature cocktail recipes to help prepare for the Thursday occasion, or for any soiree you’re planning this season!

Disaronno SourDisaronno Sour1 part Disaronno
½ Squeezed Lemon
Crushed Ice

Method:Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into an ice filled glass. Garnish with a lemon slice and a cherry.



Sunday, April 13, 2014

Star Style at the Lacoste Beautiful Desert Pool Party

It may only be temporary, but the warm weather this weekend had many of us thinking about outdoor soiree’s. Whether attending or throwing a party this spring or summer, take a a style-cue from these stars who attended the Lacoste Beautiful Desert Pool Party over the weekend, with these must-have’s for the season:

  • Moët & Chandon Impérial Ice – the first-ever champagne crafted to be enjoyed over ice, was sipped by the Hollywood elite!
  • Banded Fedora – both Katy Perry and Julianne Hough donned these cut summer accessories.
  • Frames for your Face – make sure you love your sunglasses because they look good on you, not because they look good on someone else.
  • Laidback Summer Style – Outdoor parties require appropriate attire such as Katy Perry’s midi-skirt, Julianne Hough’s relaxed denim skirt, tank and flip-flops or Lea Michelle’s simple sundress.
  • A HOT DJ! And by hot, I’m talking eye-candy like Elijah Wood  who entertained guests at this shindig.

Katy Perry at Lacoste Beautiful Desert Pool Party

Friday, April 11, 2014

Taylor Swift Dons Adorable Skater Dress in NYC

Love her or hate her, the girl always looks amazing. I’m of-course referring to country songbird Taylor Swift, who on Wednesday was seen shopping in NYC’s Meatpacking District with gal-pal Cara Delevingne. To compliment her never subtle red lipstick, the “All Too Well” singer wore this super cute Embroidered Mombasa Skater Dress from Oasis ($97).

Taylor Swift wears this darling Embroidered Mombasa Skater Dress from Oasis while shopping with a friend.

**Splash News Photo

Happy Friday!


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