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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It’s Official…I’ve Moved!

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know you can now find me at my new space, Black Coffee Beautiful. Can’t wait to see you there!!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

1, 2, 3…BREAK!

Winter Profile Pic MedHey all! I feel like I’ve been a little sporadic here lately posting. I’m still well and out here, BUT, I do have a little news. For quite some time actually I’ve been thinking about my blog and all I want out of it. When I first started (years and years and years ago!), I had no real direction I wanted to go. I liked fashion. I liked makeup. Boom, there was my blog. But, recently especially, I feel like I’m evolving and this space no longer fits me.

All that said, I’ve taken on the task of redeveloping my blog, to one that fits where and who I am now just a little bit better. I can’t wait to share that space with you and I should be ready by Sunday with a fresh name, look and post. Can’t wait for you all to see it:)





Saturday, February 20, 2016

February Beauty Box 5 Review–Perfection!

It dawned on my yesterday…we are more than half way through February! In just a couple of short weeks, we’ll be into March, and that my friends, means spring. At least to me;) Despite the fact that usually in March we have at least one snow storm, or one crazy-cold spell…it’s spring. And gearing up for spring usually mean’s changing my makeup routine just a bit, which meant I was thrilled to get February’s Beauty Box 5. As usual, it was full of beauty perfection, including what just might be my new favorite highlighter!

Beauty Box 5 Review, Best New Makeup Brands

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Treat Your Sweet Self with these New Jewelry Options from HSN

Gosh you guys, it feels like I’ve been away forever! I’m so excited to be back and even more excited about this week’s style post. While I normally LOVE the brick walls around town that usually serve as my backdrops, I’m showing you a little bit of life inside my home, due to the fact that…well, it was really cold, lol. And snowing like crazy when I wanted to shoot. Ugh…I am so beyond ready for spring!

Fresh off my trip to Dallas, I came home to some ca-razy good pieces from an amazing jewelry collaboration between the iconic fashion brand, InStyle, and the beloved HSN. Seriously, all of the bits and baubles in the line are beautiful, chic and super affordable. Each piece comes in your choice of finishes so you’re certain to find a favorite…orrrrr five or six:) I’m showing off my new InStyle/HSN ring and necklace with one of my very favorite thrifted pieces…a super cute jumper. I love the juxtaposition of vintage threads mixed with these modern jewerly treasures.

chain link necklace

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February Workout Wear and Top 10 Workout Songs

I went into Marshall’s on Friday thinking I wanted to find a new (inexpensive) sweater or dress for my lil’ work trip this week. While I didn’t really see anything that fit that particular need, I did find myself knee-deep in the cutest workout wear in the history of just about ever. Seriously. And at their prices, well…I think I overdid it:) While their sister-Shop TJX store- didn’t have the items I purchased, I did find these amazing options below that I am definitely swooning over. And since you’ve got working out on the brain, scroll down for February’s Top 10 Workout Songs, brough to you by my friends at Run Hundred.

Cute INexpensive Workout Clothing

Find the Pieces:

Bond-Eye Active Leopard Print Sports BraLeopard Trim YogasPure and Simple Mesh Insert TopSpace Dye YogasKyoden Black Gym BagWhite and Gold Watch