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Friday, October 31, 2014

Be your Own Mixologist with these Holiday Inspired Martini Recipes from Bombay Sapphire

So, technically, today is Halloween. “Technically.” As I sit looking out the window in my faux fur slippers and big crochet infinity scarf, watching the snow (that’s right, snow!) hit the pavement, I’m thinking it looks more like winter. I guess for us in Northern Indiana, fall is over. Sigh. The good news I suppose is we can officially start planning our holiday happenings. Below I’ve posted some great cocktail recipes for festive twists on classic Martinis shared by Bombay Sapphire gin.

First, some Martini history: dating back to the mid 19th century when it was referred to as the “Martinez,” the cocktail was served at the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco. Gaining popularity, by century’s end, the “dry martini” concoction was served in bars throughout the country and featured London Dry gin, dry vermouth and an olive garnish. The Martini reached icon status after Prohibition and shows such as Mad Men and Sex and the City have helped caused a resurgence in the drink’s popularity.

Which one of the below will you be mixing for friends? And anyone trying out the Yuletide or Good Memories…I’m open to invites!

Bombay Sapphire Classic Martini

1 ½ parts Bombay Sapphire Gin
A whisper of dry vermouth

Chill chosen Martini Glass. Fill the glass half of the shaker with Ice, coat the inside of the glass shaker with vermouth, discard the ice and vermouth and refill with ice, pour in Bombay Sapphire holding the base of the glass shaker – stir – NEVER – shake until ice cold -  pour into a martini glass. Garnish with an olive twist.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Breaking Ruts – New Recipes, Adventures and Mixing the Unexpected

I hate being in a rut. Whether it’s what I’m cooking, where I’m going, or of course what I’m wearing, from time-to-time, I’m there. Stuck. Eating the same food, going to the same places, or wearing the same things. For the past month, I’ve been rutting it up and a couple of weeks ago I decided I need to break the cycle. I’ve been determined to cook at least one new recipe each week. This week’s recipe was a chicken white chili that actually was not that good. But hey, I tried:) Last week I went to The Tie Bar grand opening private party and got to meet Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and just like that, my social rut was kaput. When it comes to clothing however, unless your budget allows for a shopping excursion, wardrobe ruts can be the worst. I’ve found one of the easiest ways to break them is to pair pieces together that you typically wouldn’t. It keeps your older items fresh and feeling new, despite their age. Each piece I’m wearing below is at least a year old (I think I’ve had that skirt for four years), yet I’ve never worn any of them together, nor have even considered it.

Easy Fall Outfit

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Times Up! 2 Weeks to Your Whitest Smile Challenge Results!

It’s hard to believe that just two short weeks ago I started the “2 Weeks to Your Whitest Smile Challenge” using Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit! Whitening just as well as expensive (up to $500!) treatments received in dentist’s office, the FlexFit strips easily stretch to cover teeth and in just an hour a day your smile will reap the benefits!

I’m so excited to share my experience with you as I have nothing but good things to pass on regarding the Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlextFit. I did have my teeth professionally whitened about 5 years ago and since that time I’ve used whitening toothpaste and other fixes to help maintain a somewhat decent smile. It definitely had yellowed since that time, and although I’ve seen whiter, I’ve also seen more yellow. The strips deliver just as advertised, easy to use and quickly yielding results. My teeth did become somewhat sensitive when using, but having whitened before I expected that. I hate to “beat a dead horse,” but the process really couldn’t be easier. Because Crest uses strips, not trays, you can still talk, sip water, and although I whitened in the evenings after returning home, I doubt the strips would be noticeable if using them at work or while running errands. It’s literally a matter of peeling and sticking the strips to both your top and bottom teeth, leaving on for 60 minutes and then peeling the strips off.

Below is my “before/after” picture. My teeth are now several shades whiter and brighter than the original grayish/yellow photo two weeks ago. Yay!!!

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The Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit retails for $59.99 at stores you shop at all the time such as Wal-Mart and Target. To see more before and after photos, search the hashtag #SmileStyle on either Twitter or Instagram and like Crest 3D White on Facebook to keep up with their entire line of products.

3D White Whitestrips, Supreme FlexFit, Crest White Whitestrips

Already tried Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit? Let me know if you loved them as much as I did!





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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Tie Bar Opens in Chicago with a Grand Celebration

There’s nothing like a grand opening party. Spirits are high, drinks are flowing and celebs are present. Such was the case this past Thursday, as The Tie Bar celebrated the opening of their new pop-up shop in Chicago (918 W Armitage). As a DJ mixed tunes to help set the mood, bartenders poured spirits including a cocktail selection from Crafthouse and beer from Peroni Italy. Guests mingled, shopped and even got to visit with Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who helped to create a line for Tie Bar, featuring sharp bowties and traditional ties, with proceeds of each going TieTheKnot.org. Dwayne Wade also has a Tie Bar line which features ties, pocket squares, tie bars and cufflinks.

The unique 3200 square foot space features 2 floors with exposed brick, throw rugs and rustic, masculine decor, all of which feature The Tie Bar’s on-trend ties and accessories, which are constantly seen on red carpets and in magazines like GQ and Esquire. The Tie Bar prices are spot-on as well, with options starting at $15.


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A New Look with Frames from GlassesShop.com

I hate being stuck in a rut. Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re walking through life in a ho-hum-same-ole’ fashion, which is exactly the reason I picked out these amazing Uniontown Cat Eye frames ($85.95, also available in red) from GlassesShop.com. In terms of edginess, they put my basic dark frames to shame. With their cat eye silhouette, sharp blue color and funky pattern, the Uniontown’s are a perfect blend of retro meets modern glam.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall, Flannel and Frames (Plus Exclusive Discount Codes)!

Just about the time the leaves change, it seems we’re ready for our flannels. Flannel sheets. Flannel pajamas. And of course, flannel shirts. I’ve broken out all of the above and found this cute flannel shirt at Target just last week. It was a perfect coordinating piece to my new frames from GlassesShop.com, the Uniontown Cat Eye (also available in Red). I love the design of these – a retro cat eye frame made modern with an electric blue hue and fun black and lucite pattern. Paired with flat boots and skinny jeans this was a perfect combination for exploring some trails on a warmer fall morning. I wish I could have been quick enough to get a picture of one of the many (seemingly) sweet little chipmunks darting from here to there during the walk. Cuteness overload!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

All Smiles During the 2 Weeks to Your Whitest Smile Challenge!

So I’m just over a week into my “2 Weeks to Your Whitest Smile” Challenge using Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme FlexFit. The results, I would say, are far exceeding my expectations. I knew my smile needed a bit of brightening, but I didn’t think it was “that bad.” But after I saw my mid-way picture caught mid-laugh, I was shocked. I see my teeth in the mirror every day but didn’t realize how much whiter they had actually grown to. I can’t wait to see how bright they are in another week!

2 Weeks to Whiter Smile, Crest Whitestrips, How to whiten teeth at home


If you missed my first post regarding the Challenge, you can view it here. And be sure to visit 3DWhite.com for a full lineup of Crest 3D White products!


**Thank you to Procter and Gamble for sponsoring this post.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Search For Comfortable Undergarments has Ended–Introduce Yourself to Coobie!

Undergarments are necessary, but necessary doesn’t always equate to comfortable. I see the “Get home. Take off shoes. Take off bra.” meme floating around social media several times a week. Like I said, necessary, not comfortable. Well ladies, let go of that way of thinking as Coobie may have made the most comfortable bra…ever…pinky swear. Completely seamless, the bras fit sizes 32A to 36D and their full size options fit sizes 38A to 42D-DD. The look is similar to a sports bra, although like your regular bras, it’s not intended for high impact (they do make higher impact sports bras however). I’ve been able to wear two of the styles, the Seamless Scoopneck ($20) and Seamless V-Neck bras ($22) , and I almost feel a little guilty when wearing – bras aren’t supposed to be that comfortable. Each has removable pads and adjustable straps. Resembling the upper half of a cami, they’re also perfect for layering, with the top peaking out from under a button down or v-neck. With an endless array of color options, lace options and floral patterns, the Coobie bras are just as pretty and they are comfy.

Coobie doesn’t limit their feel-good fabrics and design elements to just bras. Their camis and tanks will also be perfect additions to your wardrobe (the Wide Strap option, $20, is another layering essential and has quickly become a go-to for me) and their One Size Seamless Leggings, $22,are soft, stretchy and once again, super comfy.

Coobie also offers pretty panties and other accessories to keep you comfortable day and night.

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