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Monday, August 31, 2015

Grey Ruffles

Remember Saturday when I said the weekend was going to fly by? It totally did. Bummer, but Happy Monday everyone:) I didn’t get everything done I wanted to, however I did manage to binge-watch Hannibal. Did anyone else watch it this season? I was totally ok with the way it ended until I found out that this was the last season! Wait, what???? I can’t believe they didn’t consult me with this decision…and why is this the last season??? Grrr.

I could probably write an entire post about Hannibal, but, I’m actually writing this post to showcase an outfit, so I better get to it! I’ve paired these pieces together a couple of times this summer, each time switching out the shoes and accessories. I love how perfect it is for evening without being “stuffy.” The ruffled top I believe is circa 2008 from Old Navy (I only remember because I got it right before a trip I took that summer…and now every time I wear it I think of the amazing time I had with one of my besties!) and the shorts are also several seasons old, Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s.

Women's Trendy  Evening OUtfit

Friday, August 28, 2015

In Between, Green

My seasons don’t necessarily follow the calendar. For instance December-February is definitely winter. March is just kinda confused. April and May are spring. June until school starts, summer. And the school-start-date through November are obviously fall. So weird that calendars aren’t written in the exact same way, right?

While in my head we’ve entered fall, the current temperatures tend to say otherwise, which I’m definitely ok with. And this dress definitely feels “in between” as well. The cut and silhouette definitely say summer, the color however screams autumn. And while its perfect with sandals and bare shoulders, how adorable will this cute little frock be with all of your fall everythings, i.e., boots and jackets?

Is anyone else BEYOND happy it’s the weekend??? I plan on sleeping in, FINALLY getting my house put together and, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m working on a cute little DIY project as well. Plus a nice long run and prepping for some blog reviews as well…aaaand…I think I’ll likely binge-watch Hannibal! I love suspense-anything and I’ve missed the 3rd season this summer. I have a feeling, these next couple of days are literally going to fly by, and Monday will be here before we all know it. But for now…ahh…it’s the weekend and I’m loving it!

Transitional outfit from summer to fall

Monday, August 24, 2015


And just like that, “Hello, Monday.” I’m seldom ready for the week to start, usually because there’s still so much left on my weekend to-do list, that I A) either didn’t get to or, B) didn’t feel like doing:) Although, this weekend I had the perfect excuse for all of my leftover tasks. The cheer and dance team members at the University I coach at had an early move-in on Wednesday and the remainder of the week/weekend was spent learning material and preparing for games. The weekend was capped off with a “welcome back” pep rally and BBQ Sunday night and tonight we start with official practices, which means summer is pretty much over (insert sad emoji here).

With a busy week ahead, I’m so glad I found these adorable denim joggers at Target recently – they’re comfy, but so easy to dress up and will look cute with either flats or pumps. Plus, I so adore a good sporty-chic ensemble and what’s more sporty than a sweatpant silhouette?!?

The stylish denim jogger is a pefect piece to add to your fall wardrobe!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Must-Have Pajama Sets for Fall

I happen to be a summer-girl, but one thing about fall I can’t help but love is that somehow, things start to slow down a little. As much fun as I have running around during the warm-weather months, I’ve learned to treasure the slower cool ones as well…especially on weekends. I sip my coffee a little longer, am way more willing to find a movie, read a book or just embrace the downtime. I always find the best pajama sets during autumn, the kind that are perfect for sleeping in while also making great loungewear for lazy days, or even future snow days. I currently have these below cute sleepwear options on my radar from Target and Victoria’s Secret:

Fall Pjs

Get the Look:

Tee & Crop Pant Set in AnimalHane’s Premium Women’s Classic PJ Jogger Set in NavyPajama LS Tunic/Legging in EcruHanes Premium Women’s 3/4 Sleeve PJ Set in PinkThe Dreamer Henley Pajama in Pink and Black DotWomen’s Sleep Set in Almond Cream


Aren’t these lady’s pajama sets the cutest??? They *almost* have me looking forward to the cooler days soon be upon us:) If you guys are looking for a new comfy mattress to go along with your new comfy PJ’s, you HAVE to check out Casper. Their mattresses are created with a firm memory foam that still delivers a nice bounce and helps keep you cool while sleeping. Plus, they have a super cute Pinterest page you need to follow for all things sleep related:)

Happy Wednesday all!


Monday, August 17, 2015

Kiss, Kiss

Oh August. I do love you, even though you signify the end of summer…which I hate, but it is what it is (and in case you were wondering, yes, I am bitter!). This is always the time of year when I think of how I can revamp my summer staples so I don’t have to completely bid them farewell until spring. It really is as simple as these two items: denim jacket and booties. With dresses, shorts, jeans, etc…these two fall staples can ensure your current summer wardrobe lasts just a wee bit longer. They made great additions to my summer outfit below, although, you’re only getting one pic of that particular look. After all, it is still summer and when I took these pictures, it was about 100 degrees and at least 300% humidity…I literally could feel makeup dripping down my face! True story:)

The two pieces you need to transition your summer wardrobe to fall!