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Monday, April 27, 2015

Cherry Blooms Introduces Fiber Brows!

Ok, so we all know that fiber lashes and fiber mascaras are ALL the rage, but what about fiber brows? That’s right dolls, any of you who’ve done any kind of over-plucking or were just born with sparsely populated brows, have something new to try that may make you decide to put down the pencil-filler forever. Cherry Blooms recently introduced their Instant Fiber Brow Kits, complete with brow stencils and a fiber powder for instant, natural-looking brows. Available in four shades – Espresso, Latte, Mocha and Cappucino, the product retails for $49.

Fiber Brows, Cherry Blooms Makeup

Eyebrow Stencils, Cherry Blooms Eye Makeup

So who’s ready for fiber brows???

Happy Monday!



Friday, April 24, 2015

Tips to Perfectly Blend Two (or More) Nail Colors

Ok, so lately I’ve been ALL about two-tone ombre nails and I finally did my research on how to get this, supposedly easy, look. Opposed to doing a tutorial I thought I’d give all you dolls a few tips on achieving the look once you read or watch the close-to million tutorials out there. All revolve around using a sponge, and, I swear, they make it look so easy. Cut your sponge of choice (kitchen, makeup, etc.) down to a smaller size – basically a little larger than the width of your nails, paint the sponge with your nail colors of choice, and blot your nails to ombre perfection.

It does seem easy, only the first time I tried it, it wasn’t. At best, my nails were a hot mess. Attempt number two, was only slightly better. BUT, but try number three, I was getting the hang of it…FINALLY!

If you’ve tried the multi-tone nail trend and it isn’t working out as easy as you were hoping…learn from my mistakes:

  • Start with shades from the same color family. Your mistakes will barely be noticeable. My first attempt was orange and red. Yikes! Check out the two cute shades below (SoulMate and 24/7) from SinfulColors…they’re perfect together!
  • Use a base color…either one of the shades you’re using in the ombre pattern, or my favorite, white. I’ve tried it both ways and the white keeps all colors true and rich, but play around with it…you might find you like an entire different shade as your base color.
  • Don’t be afraid to get messy. Like really messy. The only way I’ve been able to get my nails to look good with a sponge, is to not worry about the fact that my skin all around my nails is getting painted as well. I just use a Q-Tip and nail polish remover to fix it later.
  • When “painting” the sponge, apply the polish liberally…but not too liberally. Too much will look like you’ve just applied your color with a sponge, lol. There is no blending.
  • Make sure your base coat has dried completely before applying your nail color.
  • I’ve had the most success when I do a blot/roll-of-the-sponge combo. And usually I do 2-3 coats before I really like it.

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DIY Nail Ideas, Easy DIY Nails


Happy Friday everyone…enjoy your weekends!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vintage View Wednesday: Just a Girl and Her IBC

IBC Cream Soda, Glass Bottle Pop, Cute Spring Nail Color

I’m not sure why, but on the rare occasion I get all sorts of crazy, I love drinking pop out of a glass bottle. There’s something so charmingly nostalgic about the old fashioned beverages. And I have to admit…I think my IBC Cream Soda looks great with my two-tone pink spring nails and denim Keds.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous Wednesday!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Too Happy Tuesday: Tasty, Tasty and Smooth

Well ya’ll we made it! Monday is a thing of the past for this week and it’s nothing but smooth sailing from here on out right? I’ve got three things to put on your snack and beauty radar this week…all I can say is tasty, tasty and smooth!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Keds Cute Collaboration with Oasis

I just love a cute little collaboration, don’t you? Speaking of, have you seen the perfect one between Keds and Oasis? Released on Friday, it features four pair of stylish Keds to don with any and all of your favorite summer ensembles. Showing off prints and vibrant hues, whether you’re headed to the beach or weekend brunch you’ll love the options these kicks give you. Shop the entire line at www.oasis-stores.com and tell me what your favorite style is…I’m digging The Style Hunter. Leopard print Keds? Yes please! Other options include the nautical feeling Perfectionist Lace Up, the oh-so-springy English Rose Lace Ups, and the super bright Jetsetter Skaters. The sneaks retail for $77 and available right this very instant:)

Keds Collaboration with Oasis, Cute Summer Sneakers


Happy Sunday everyone!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

April Beauty Box 5 Review: Bloom

OMG you guys, I love April. Isn’t it the best? It’s when we (usually), finally get some warm temps, like open your windows take in the breeze warm, and when everywhere you look, EVERYTHING is starting to blossom, bud and bloom. The “dead” season I politely refer to as March, is gone, and suddenly, everything seems so alive. And everyone is so much happier, right? I passed a million other runners/walkers this morning on my run, and each and every one smiled and said, “Hi,” or, “Good morning.” It’s funny how sunshine and warm temps bring out the best in people, but they totally do.

Anyways, I’m getting sidetracked…the April Beauty Box 5, Bloom, arrived this week, yay!!! Per usual, it was packed with totally usable deluxe samples and full-size products that I can’t wait to try and/or travel with.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vintage View Wednesday – Bare Feet and Green Grass

Vintage Photo Filters

What’s the first thing you do when the temperature warms up? Me? I lose my shoes and step outside! I love how the green grass feels on my bare feet…especially with freshly pedicured toes:) Getting to feel the first warm days of spring makes winter *almost* worth it!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Introducing Too Happy Tuesday!

How to be Thankful Everyday, We should be thankful everyday

So I’ve been thinking recently about standard posts and the fact that, well, I want to have them, lol. When I say “thinking,” I literally mean thinking. Before bed, during runs, in the shower, in the car, when I’m doing my “real” work. Literally. A. Lot. Of. Thinking. One thought that kept coming back to me was the fact that I’ve been through a lot in a short number of years. And yet, everyday, even during the hard ones, there was ALWAYS something that made me smile. Always. Always something that made me feel happy to be here…and always something to give me hope that things were changing. Sometimes said things were frivolous fly-by-night moments, other times they held more significance. But either way, it was during those hard times, that I really noticed how good smiling, and happiness in general, felt.

Anyways, fast forward past all of that…say hello to Too Happy Tuesday. My weekly post on what’s making me smile now, what I’m thankful for regardless of how insignificant to others it may seem. Sometimes, these things might need no explanation, other times, I won’t be able to be vague…like in the case of the above spoon and Pearson’s Mint Patties:)